FSBC Dodge City Bulletin October 25, 2020

Bulletin for October 25, 2020

Welcome to church! Jim Garrett is preaching this morning from the series on Revelations.  

Service is at 10:30. 

Sunday School is meeting at 9:15 AM! 

Childcare is currently unavailable.  

Thanks to all of you for joining us online.  We are constantly working to improve our online program, and apologize for any issues you might be experiencing.  You can watch our services online at YouTube  or our Facebook page.  You can also check out a DVD (if available) of our services from our office.

Songs This Week:
Lion and the Lamb
Your Love Ran Red 
Reckless Love
Angus Dei

Give the gift of the Christmas message to children all over the world!

Upcoming Events:

"Threads" is our regular Wednesday night program at FSBC.  Join us for a meal at 6, followed by devotions looking at the Fruits of the Spirit, and ending with a time of games and fellowship.  This is every Wednesday night from 6-8.

Business Meeting October 25.  The focus of this business meeting will be to provide updates from the following teams.

Pastor Search
Deacon Search 
Nominating Team
Budget Process

Nominating team for next year's committees is made up of Wes Underwood, Elsie Spencer, Cliff Hooker, Sara Bouchard, and Cathy Fitzsimmons.  Please prayerfully consider where you can use your talents to serve at FSBC. 

Christmas is coming!  Join your friends at FSBC in supporting Operation Christmas Child.  We have a table set up where you can get more information.  Items on the table can help you start your shoebox.  Make sure your shoeboxes are returned by November 15th.  Let's share the gospel with Christmas gifts!

The deacon search team has been selected by our members.  The search team includes Kyle Kistler, Steve Fergerson, Wes Underwood, Bob Plum, and Dahlton Strobel.  Please pray for them as they seek God's guidance in finding deacons for our church.

The pastor search team is Steve Fergerson, Bob Plum, Annette Adalpe, Crystal Strobel, and Rodney Jackson.  The alternates are Kathy Anderson and Cammi Kistler.  Please pray for them as they go through the process of looking for our next pastor.

We need your help to update our church records. We would like to encourage you to fill out the provided form if you have had any changes in address, email, phone number, or became a church member in the last 3 years.  Form is available in the printed bulletin.

We will be taking up a Love offering for Debbie and John this Sunday to show how much we appreciate everything they do for our children and youth programs and everything else that they do for the church. 

If you have an announcement for the bulletin email it to John Bouchard by Wednesday evening at mediadirectorfsbcdc@gmail.com   

Sermon notes for this week:

Attendance last week:  68
Online views last week:  116
Offering last week:  $1211.47 and $275 designated for Viola Webb 
Online offering last month:  $7,718.32  
Viola Webb offering goal for our church is $1500.

Contact FSBC Dodge City
Office hours Monday-Friday 9 AM-1 PM

Phone Number 620-227-6722

Children's Minister Debbie Morgan
Secretary Mandy Weis
Youth Pastor John Bouchard

Can we pray for you in any way?  Email or call.  You are loved!